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This brilliantly blue stone commonly grows with malachite , Chrysocolla and other copper carbonate crystals.  While it is found across the globe in places like Russia Chile and Australia some of the most beautiful specimens are found right here in the USA especially at the Bisbee mine in Arizona.  Azurite is a fairly soft sone, it lands a 3.5-4 on the MOHS (measure of hardness scale) therefore is not a stone suitable for moon water or to be cleansed by water.  Because of its soft quality and its intuitive properties the Egyptian people used to grind it up and use the pigments to draw the eye of Horus on there for heads for insight and protection.  


Azurite helps to open the third eye to a stronger more connected state to the astral and esoteric levels. While holding this strong connection it helps the bearer of the stone less vulnerable to psychic attack or attachments.  This blue beauty is one of the most important stones to activate the third eye and bloom into your intuitive powers.  Edgar Cayce ( an American clairvoyant who some consider the father of the new age movement) thought Azurite was the most powerful and important stone to connect and strengthen our third eye chakra.


Crown, Third eye and Throat Chakras are associated with this stone.  As explained it helps to strengthen our connection to spirt and the higher self by giving us a strong intuitive ability. In the Throat Chakra it also helps us speak the truth of the matter.  This stone has a surprising way of helping the truth rise to the top in all situations were the bearer asks for help.  It is especially helpful with finding the truth in a working relationship or love relationship.  


Many or our ancient ancestors have worked with this stone in there spiritual practice, the Greeks used it in healing as well as the Egyptians.  This was also an important stone to the civilization of Atlantis. Other stones that pair well with Azurite are all the copper carbonate stones like Turquoise, Malachite and Chrysocolla. Moonstone is also a great choice to help add emotional tranquility.  Some oils that correspond well with working with this stone is Clary Sage and Orchid. Sagittarius and the element of wind align well with this stone. 


A beautiful mantra that may be used with this stone is 

“I open my mind to new vision both inner and outer as I expand my awareness.  


Much Love and Magic my friends 

Kelly Ann

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