Imbolc wheel of the year

Last call for winter medicine 

As the wheel of the year turns yet again, it leads us to the spoke of Imbolc. 

Imbolc means ews milk or in the belly some say in old Gaelic as it was a time that baby lambs were being born. It is a sabbat that was originated in old Ireland, this is a time of reminder that spring is just around the corner. It is last call for rest and reflection and to start thinking of the seeds you will plant (figuratively and Literarily) for the upcoming year.  Speaking of old Ireland the Goddess that is represented by this day is the fire goddess Brighid .  Creatively, pregnancy, and healing are just some of the endeavors she presides over.  


Crystals to work with on Imbolc 

Garnet- Garnet is like a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold day and helps to comfort and ground your energy now so you have plenty of strong roots to grow your intentions in the spring and summer. 

Golden Healer Quartz- Golden Healer is one of the most powerful stones you can work with for healing your body, mind and spirt. As Brighid is a goddess of healing this is a perfect time to work on healing 

Onyx- Great protection stone that is very gentle, if you do plan on reestablishing your protection wards place around the home or wear some Onyx.  

Green Aventurine- place on your alter for Imbolc as a sign of spring is near and to start thinking of the intentions you want to manifest this coming spring and summer season.  


Ways to honor the goddess Brighid and the day of Imbolc are


Be creative- Brighid was a goddess of mastery of the arts especially smith craft, Like blacksmiths and brewmasters. Set a small cup of your favorite beer or ale to honor her. 


Light a candle- Fire is her main element and is a easy way to honor her this day.


Bless your seed- set your veggie and flower seeds out on your alter this day and ask Brighid to bless them. 

Protection- Imbolc is a great time to reestablish your protection wards and to spiritual and physically cleanse your home. You could also make protection amulets for your pets.


However you celebrate the day of Imbloc may it bring you much warmth and comfort and know that spring is just around the bend. 


Much love and Magic my friends 

Kelly Ann 

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