Star Wind Spinner
Star Wind Spinner
Star Wind Spinner
Star Wind Spinner

Star Wind Spinner

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Creates a visual sensation with our Wind Spinner, enhancing any landscape, patio, lawn or garden for an eye-catching and dramatic show. This garden wind spinner catches the breeze from any direction, lending colour, movement and sparkle to your yard. The beautiful kinetic wind spinner is not only an outdoor decoration, but it is also an amazing gift for your friend who is a garden lover. Whether your style is modern, vintage, contemporary or traditional, our designs promise to blend perfectly with your outdoor decor.

EXTRAORDINARY GARDEN DECOR - Our wind spinner adds a touch of vitality to your outdoor decor.

SPECIAL DESIGN - Featuring modern functionality with antique charm, creates a visual sensation in the garden.

SUPERIOR 3D VISUAL PERFORMANCE - 3D visual effect when spinning in the wind is captivating and magical from any angles.


Star 30x30xcm

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