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Kelly Ann Troup (of Crystal Mountain Healing)  

Crystal Mountain Healing is about walking your path in beauty and grace.  We all walk this journey called life and get stuck at a fork in the road or get lost of the path sometimes.  During my life’s journey I have had many of these difficulties and have overcome them with the help of the best medicine of the west and holistic ideas of the east.  Crystals have been an absolute passion of mine for as long as I can remember, and have Helped me in my path to healing and spiritual development today.  Books, classes and seminars I’ve read graduated and attended all to enhance my knowledge and love for crystals.  I have recently been Certified by the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy as a Certified Crystal Practitioner.  This 9 week course thought me the science of how crystals work and how to include them into a healing practice.  I also love to make Crystal Medicine jewelry, this is wear I pick out certain Crystals and Gems for an intention and make it into a high vibrational jewelry.  Usui Reiki is also another of my Certified healing modalities, I am Certified level three master level.  Usui Reiki is a ancient Japanese stress reduction technique that promotes the body’s relaxation response and natural healing ability. Reiki actually means Universal life force and Devine wisdom.  Most of all in my healing sessions I follow my intuition and my healing guides who show me how to best provide the healing in that moment and what is best for my client at that time. It is a promise to myself and my clients that I will continue to learn new ways of healing and helping others and myself. 

Other areas of interest include spiritual photography, art therapy and crafting sacred tools.  

Let me help you walk your path with beauty and grace by applying these healing modalities and intuitive ability’s.  

Much Love and Magic 

Kelly Ann 


Services Offered Include:

Crystal Healing Sessions, and Reiki

Contact Kelly directly at for more information about her services, classes,  to reserve a spot during a class, or to book a session. 570-590-2733