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Tree of Life Shoppe - Meet Melania Jay (Melanie)

Melania’s interest in Belly dancing began at the age of five when her mother played her an old record called “Dark Eyes & Oriental Moods”. The music and images of famous dancers fascinated her. About fifteen years later she began studying with Barbara, in Kenvil, New Jersey, an accomplished traditional Egyptian Cabaret dance Performer and Instructor. She fell in love with the dance and had her first duo performance in 1997 at Marrakesh Restaurant in Parsippany, NJ.  The following year was her first solo performance at the same place.

Melania continued her studies with other instructors learning Egyptian, Uzbekistan, Turkish, Tribal Infusion and some Indian style dances. Melania featured in many events, shows, and drum circles including performing with 'Gypsy Funk Squad'. Belly dancing became not only a fun form of self artistic expression but also a part of her personal healing journey. She taught her first belly dance class in 2016.

She frequently attends drum circles throughout the year where she feels most comfortable expressing her heart art. She quotes, “It’s gone from a more personal secluded /or shielded expression to a now more open one, inviting others in to experience it with me. This openness blossomed over time as I have, spiritually, emotionally and physically.”

She is also a certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Energy worker with over three years experience. She has also studied, participated in and practiced Shamanism, Meditation, Drum Journeys, Healing Circles, Plant Medicine Ceremonies and much more, over the past seven years.

"I’ve discovered the essential healing needed in our connection with the Earth and life force energy that connects us all. In Women's Sacred Dance, it is my intention to help women open, connect and explore the Divine Feminine within and helping connect to our innate, wild, raw and expressive nature in a comfortable, safe way. When women feel safe to connect to their divine nature and self empowerment, healing flows naturally. This can have an effect in every area and aspect of their lives. I teach basic belly dance techniques that help guide the body into natural rhythm and flow while connecting and grounding to Mother Earth. This will enable women to create their own unique expression and inner Goddess." - Melania Jay (Melanie)