Tree of Life Shoppe - Meet Melania Jay (Melanie)

Melanie (aka Melania Jay) is a certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Energy worker with over four years experience. She has completed levels one and two of the Healing Touch Program curriculum.

She is also a Belly Dance Performer (with over 17 years experience) and now teacher. Melanie has also studied, participated in and practiced: Shamanism, Meditation, Drum Journeys, Healing Circles, Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, Fire Walking, Yoga, The Silva Method, The Landmark Forum, The Journey (by Brandon Bays), Outward Bound and much more, over the past eight + years.


Melania is currently Offering Group Meditations at the shoppe every Tuesday evening, and other meditation and healing sessions though out the month.  See our event calendar for more info on time and cost.  

Services Offered Include:

Group Meditation Classes, Private Meditation Sessions, ThetaHealing® in person or distance , and Healing Touch sessions.  

Contact Melanie directly at for more information about her services, classes,  to reserve a spot during a class, or to book a session.