Tree of Life Shoppe - Dottie Woodward

Dorothy J. Woodward, C.R.M, C.H.t.

(Special Guest Instructor and Practioner)

"I am honored to introduce you to my soul family grandmother, my beautiful wise friend and elder, I adore and want to grow up to be like and walk in her footsteps."   

Dottie Woodward

Dottie J. Woodward

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother first and foremost. For twenty eight years from 1973 to 2001, I was a teacher of reading and science, which laid the foundation for my scientific background. Within that time frame, 1985, I also became part of "The Teacher in Space" program with NASA, traveling, speaking and teaching about the Aero Space Program. This was a very fulfilling time for me and helped lay the foundation for later year’s philosophy.

In 2001 I retired from teaching and joined the USCG AUX, the inland waterway part of the USCG, of which I still belong. Within that time I have filled the roles of teacher, crew for patrols, boat inspector, Communications Specialist, Public Affairs Specialist, teacher and Commander.

After a spiritual experience in Greece, I focused on working with energy vibrational fields, dedicated to learning and exploring conscious and unconscious fields, healing modalities and raising the consciousness of the planet. I also started painting, and have been called the visionary artist of "The Light Angel" and other painting.

From 2002 till 2009, I studied 4 types of Reiki, became a Reiki Master Teacher, a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the NGH international group, learned "The Reconnection" from Dr Eric Pearl and was part of the "Alternative Healing group from Penn State Hershey with Dr Neeley. I am part of Soul Support Systems as a Facilitator and teacher for Soul Recognitions, Circuitry Alignment, and Heart Thread. I created the Meetup group" Spiritual Trend Setters" in 2009, and am an associate of Rickie Freedman’s "Reiki Space and Learning Place". I have studied the energy field of horses at the Epona Horse farm in Phoenix, Arizona and at the Ledges Ranch, Cincinnati, Ohio.

April 2014 I foundationed a higher energy I call "Star Fire Energies" which is a gentle, once and done energy transference given etherically through the energy field to the person asking for it. I have created my company, "Star Fire Energies"LLC. giving workshops, teaching and doing etheric energy transmissions which some people call "activations". Reiki, is done with gentle hands resting on the body. with the client fully clothed resting comfortably. It is not massage, or any other type of body manipulation, Many hospitals are now using this modality in there hospitals.

When doing "Star Fire Energies" Transmissions and workshop, we begin by discussing the energy field, what star Fire is and isn’t. Then we do a guided Chakra Clearing guided meditation, Then the client stands and we etherically transfer energy behind, in front, above, on hands and feet. Then the person lies down while we do a "Star Fire Entrainment" guided meditation which ends the session.

As a Master Practitioner and teacher of the energy field, blending the scientific with the spiritual, I envision everyone on planet Earth using and giving healing energy as a means to total health for everyday living. The medical field, practitioners and even hospitals are beginning to accept these modalities and implement them in every day use.