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7 Chakras Chime Candle Set

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Candles/Spell Candles in the 7 Chakra colors. These candles are kept in a sacred space and have their energy cleared and charged under a copper pyramid before being sent out. It includes one each of the following colors:

RED - Red candles are often used for Root Chakra work, passion, strength, survival, love, relationships, courage, vitality & assertiveness.

ORANGE - Orange candles are often used for Sacral Chakra work, creativity, joy, energy & success.

YELLOW - Yellow candles are often used to represent the Sun and for Solar Plexus Chakra work, learning, breaking mental blocks, manifestation, confidence, clarity, success, happiness & confidence.

GREEN - Green candles are often used for Heart Chakra work, prosperity, money, abundance, luck, earth healing & success.

BLUE - Blue candles are often used for Throat Chakra work, calming, health, peace, tranquility, opening blocked communication & wisdom.

PURPLE - Purple candles are often used for Third Eye Chakra work, psychic abilities, intuition, spiritual power, contact with guides, breaking old habits and tranquility.

WHITE - White candles are often used as all purpose candles and can be substituted for any other color. They are used for Crown Chakra work, purification, cleansing, balance, healing, truth, aura balancing and purity.

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