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Gemstone Pentagram Protection Bracelet

Gemstone Pentagram Protection Bracelet

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This bracelet is for anyone who likes crystals and gemstones, as well as, Wiccans,pagans,Witches,empaths, ghost hunters,

spirt investigators and anyone who wants to protect themselves from negative energy,psychic attacks and negative people

and places. All the crystals and gemstone beads chosen for this bracelet have great protection qualities and would be 

helpful for anyone but they also have an extra detail in the design and the placement of each stones.Each crystal has a 

connection to the Elements,Earth,Fire, Air ,Water,Spirt and the cardinal Directions,North,South,East,West.Specific beads

are placed in the appropriate position aligning with the and forming a pentagram .Perfect for anyone not wanting to openly

wear a pentagram.The bottom crystal bead is different for each bracelet and can be custom made with a number of different crystals.

Crystals worn on a daily basis can absorb a lot of negative energy and therefore require frequent cleansing. Placing the bracelet

on a selenite slab or bowl each night can help.Cleanse your bracelet frequently in the light of the full moon or however you 

normally cleanse your crystals.Wash occasionally with a bit of gentle dish soap or baby shampoo if needed to remove dirt,sweat and grime

form daily wear,and dry immediately .We are all unique energetic beings and sometimes need some help from Mother Nature.

These bracelets can give you support of healing crystal vibration during tough times.All bracelets are made with care,love and light

using 6 mm natural crystal and gemstone beads and infused with healing Reiki energy.

Made locally in Pa by 

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