Breaking Through When Feeling Stuck By David Nelmes - Tree Of Life Shoppe
Breaking Through When Feeling Stuck By David Nelmes - Tree Of Life Shoppe
Breaking Through When Feeling Stuck By David Nelmes - Tree Of Life Shoppe

Breaking Through When Feeling Stuck By David Nelmes

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When you find yourself stuck in a situation where you feel as though the same unhelpful cycles repeat over and over again; and you can't seem to put your finger on what is wrong or how to even start to get unstuck... you need a real solution to break through and help prevent it from happening again. You need a real solution from somebody who went through the same thing and truly did find a way to break through. That's why I wrote this book. Who will be helped the most by this book? If you have been feeling stuck in any aspect of your life, like with your job, finances, weight, stress, troubled relationships or your spirituality overall, you can transform your life by following the 'Breaking Through' process that teaches you how to peel back, expose and resolve your issues once and for all.Even if you are not feeling stuck but just have a few spiritual blocks you would like to clear away, the 'Breaking Through' process will help you take care of them as well.Overall, if you ever find you are asking yourself, "Why am I stuck? How do I get unstuck? What do I have to do to stop feeling stuck?", this book helps you find your answers by teaching you how to get to the root of your problems so that you can truly fix them and prevent them from coming back again.Preface Excerpt: They say necessity is the mother of invention. With this is mind, I came to a point in my life where it became obvious that something was terribly wrong with how my life turned out to be and where it appeared to be going. I could not see an answer. I could not fathom a way to release myself from whatever fog had enveloped me. I came to a realization that I was stuck, really stuck, where I was trapped by what I had done in the past and saw no way to do things any differently in the future to change how things would continue ending up being.I saw no direction, felt no creativity, and it appeared as though this was how it will always be. I did not know where to start. I thought I had done many things to avoid this or fix this, but nothing ever seemed to change enough to validate that anything I did ever really worked to release me from whatever it was that had me in its tight grip.I realized it was necessary for me to find a way to get past feeling stuck or life would always and forever resemble the issues I currently have ...Introduction Excerpt: This book is designed to walk you through a process that will help you break through whatever has you feeling stuck. Regardless of how long you have been stuck or how much of your life is affected by your spiritual blocks, the process I developed will provide a path for your healing. Throughout this book, you will be prompted to relax, quiet your mind and connect with spirit. I can't fully express how helpful it is to really take full advantage of the power behind those requests. Many of the reasons we have the issues we have is because of the lack of spirit intervention in our lives, so now, especially since you are here to resolve a problem, be patient and allow yourself time with spirit during this process .

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