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Eolh Rune Charm for Protection

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Runes were used by the ancient Nordic people as a magical language. Their uses ranged from writing messages and making charms or talismans to predicting the future and magical work.  In Anglo-Saxon English and Old Norse, the word Rune meant secret law, mystery, and magical signs. Rune Masters, who could be male or female, were considered to be the most important people in the community next to the village chief. Identified by their deep blue cloaks and leather charm pouches which they wore at their belts, the Rune Masters would normally carry a bronze-tipped wooden staff carved with runic inscriptions to show their power and status.
Our Rune Charms have been inspired by the shape of natural stone and rock, and are produced in solid, lead-free pewter.
All charms are supplied with a leaflet explaining it's meaning and how to empower it and black hanging thong. The runes are approximately ½" wide x 1¼" long.

Eolh Rune Charm for Protection

Divinatory meaning: This is the rune of protection, victory, new opportunities, and challenges. Be strong and take control of your emotions. Problems should not be ignored. Protection, assistance, defense, warning, support, a mentor, an ethical dilemma.

Inverted: Be aware of your health. Do not assume someone else's problems.

Magical uses: Algiz is used to ward off evil. It is said to offer opportunities for growth but more important than that it offers protection.

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