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Hex Sign - Good Luck Love and Happiness 15 inches

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 This is a Conestoga Crafts Hex Sign designed for use outdoors or indoors.  Brand new item, 15" diameter, just the right size for that space on your house, garage, shed, or barn.  Perfect for bringing good luck to your household or as a gift for someone you know who could use some luck (can't we all)!

In the 1700's Pennsylvania experienced an influx of German and Swiss immigrants! Over time they became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.  They brought with them designs of birds, flowers and geometric patterns used in the "old country".  The Amish and Mennonites kept their properties plain, but in the 1800's the "fancy" Dutch began painting decorations on their barns.  Whether to protect them from evil spirits or just to "look nice" people began to call them Hex Signs and they grew in popularity.

  Specific designs bring specific luck.  This sign has a large Bird of Paradise representing the beauty of life on earth.  The heart brings love of family and friends.  While the outter solid line reminds us of eternal life the inside scalloped design promises smooth sailing on the sea of life.  The added hearts bring with them a bit of additional love (and who can't use that?)  This is a popular design.

All of our hex signs are made in the USA.

All Conestoga Crafts hex signs are designed for indoor or outdoor use!  They are made of a tempered hardboard material.  I recommend coating each sign with a clear enamel or varnish DESIGNED FOR OUTDOOR USE to keep the sign looking good as long as possible.

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