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Crystal & Gemstone Beaded Intention and Empowerment Bracelets

Crystal & Gemstone Beaded Intention and Empowerment Bracelets

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Crystal and Gemstone Bead Intention and Empowerment Bracelet Hand made Locally By Metaphysically Holistic

All bracelets are made with love and light using 6 mm natural crystal and gemstone beads and infused with Reiki healing energy.

Crystals worn on a daily basis can absorb a lot of negative energy and therefore needs to be cleansed often. Placing the

bracelet on a selenite slab each night can help. Cleanse frequently in the night of the full moon or however you normally cleanse your crystals.


To empower your bracelet and program it with your intention, just hold it in your hands while stating an affirmation such as 

“I program this bracelet to help regain balance and healing in my mind, body and soul, thank you”or use any statement of your intention you wish.

We are all unique energetic beings and sometimes need the help of Mother Nature. These bracelets are not meant to replace a doctors care

but can give you the support of healing crystal vibrations during tough times.


Below is a description of the the bracelets and the  stones attached to them.


Grounding- Black Onyx,Black Obsidian,Black Tourmaline,Smoky Quartz,Mahagany Obsidian,Jet,Hematite, Petrified Wood,Bloodstone,Tigers Eye,

Labradorite,Clear Quartz,Black Agate

Empath Protection-Lepidolite, Rainbow Fluorite,Lapis Lazuli,Hematite,Black Tourmaline,Rose Quartz,Black Obsidian,Amethyst,Malachite,Citrine

Headache/Migraine Relief-Hematite,Lepidolite,Green Fluorite,Blue Aventurine, Rutilated Quartz,Citrine,Amethyst,Lapis Lazuli,Green Aventurine,

Black Tourmaline

Fertility Support-Black Agate,Green Aventurine,Peach Moonstone,Moss Agate,Smoky Quartz,Flourite,Thulite,Garnet,Unakite,Aquamarine,Carmelian

Moonstone,Rose Quartz

Depression-Rose Quartz,Carmelian,Lepidolite,Rainbow Fluorite,Citrine,Black Agate,Hematite,Clear Quartz,Blue Aventurine,Tigers Eye,Ocean Jasper

Kambaba Jasper

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