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Old Iron Barn Nails

Old Iron Barn Nails

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Iron has a long and varied tradition in the mythology and folklore of the world.  Iron nails have been used in particular with many types of folk magic.

Iron amd ghost lore

In folklore, cold iron protects against witches, fairies,  and evil spirits, who are unable to cross it. In India, iron is believed to repel the Djinn, the Demonic children of Lilith and the Devil.

In classical times, iron was used to ward off illness and bad luck, which were believed to be caused by evil spirits; it was especially important in the protection of women in childbirth and of small children, who were more vulnerable to evil than others. Pliny, in his Natural History, writes that a circle traced three times with iron or a pointed weapon would protect a woman and her infant from all noxious influences.

Iron ore from the British Isles and Europe was transplanted to the American colonies. Large pieces of cast iron or iron ore traditionally are laid at the threshold of dwellings or set in the main door frame in order to prevent undesirable beings from entering.

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