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Honey Tea Stick / Honey Lolipops (3 pack)

Honey Tea Stick / Honey Lolipops (3 pack)

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Handcrafted with Organic Honey that is sourced from our local bee farm to ensure that it is REAL pure organic honey. We make sure that all of our honey is freshly made here in Southern California. We can guarantee our honeycomb lollipop quality because we meet with our bee farm owners and see their entire honey production process. All ingredients are sourced locally in the U.S. and are all Natural. Handcrafted with NO CORN SYRUP, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS OR FLAVORS, and NO PRESERVATIVES. Only Organic Honey is used in these natural lollipops! Natural health benefits from organic honey provide a healthy and delicious treat for anyone. Sparko Sweets believes that our products should arrive fresh in our customers' hands, so we handcraft these lollipops after the order is placed, arriving to our customers fresh and tasty. The honeycomb honey lollipops are 5 inches long with the stem. The diameter of the lollipop is 1.2 inches, a healthy portion for a sweet treat.

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