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Do You Happen To Have Any Moldavite?

 What is all the Buzz about Moldavite? 


For the past couple of days I have heard the question;

"Do you have any Moldavite? or do you work with Moldavite?"

Most of the time it is people that have never worked with any kind of crystal, or just starting to get into crystals, and don’t realize what they are asking for. 

The only comparison I have to better explain why this a bad idea for complete beginners is...

It’s like walking into the liquor store when you haven’t drank any kind of alcohol in your life and asking for the strongest white lighting moonshine they have. Most likely you’ll take one sip and make yourself sick to your stomach and be turned off forever to any other kind of alcohol  because of the strength of the proof.  Working with Moldavite as your very first stone can have this same effect.  

Well, what’s all the fuss about?

Moldavite is a super powerful stone to many people, they can pick it up and feel as if they are floating away. With this fast track to spiritual knowledge it has the possibility to spin out of control if you don't know how to work with it’s vibration properly.  It has a record of throwing people in to a spiritual depression (just like if you were to drink to much of that white lightning) this spiritual depression is also called a dark night of the soul. 

The way Moldavite works is it gives you all of your unaddressed shadow work/integration work all at once. It does this by opening up both your heart chakra and soul star chakra at a very high frequency.  Therefore it forces you to look at your unaddressed issues and acknowledge them before being able to hold that higher frequency.  It also has a reputation for great past life regression and lucid dream work, witch are two subjects that are for experienced practitioners. Both of these subjects should not be taken lightly and can be very beneficial to a person if worked with properly but for complete newcomers this can be a daunting task.   

So what makes Moldavite so powerful?

Moldavite is a special form of tektite. It is formed by a meteorite impact and is only found in Czech Republic.  This green gem is literally made of the stars.  With all this being said, there is an absolute flood of fakes on the market.  China, India, and Hong Kong are some of the biggest places I’ve seen trying to recreate this magical material from the stars.  The fakes are getting harder and harder to spot as well.  Some fakes you can only tell when they are under a microscope.  If the piece is too uniformed looking or if it is wet looking it is most likely a fake.  If it is a cut and faceted Moldavite gem or beads that has no bubbles or swirls in it then its a fake.  Last but not least, if the price is to good to be true it probably is.  

Moldavite also has great benefits to the more seasoned or more experienced practitioners.  It aids in higher transformations especially when you feel as if you hit a block on your spiritual path.  It is has a  definite connection to other worlds that are not our own.   It is a stone that  helps to connect with our spiritual guides and higher self more clearly.  This beautiful green stone does have tons of positives to it, don't get me wrong I am a fan of Moldavite just not for an person that hasn’t worked with the power of crystals for very long.  

The spiritual journey should never be fast tracked, there is so many tiny lessons in the long way around that help us understand our purpose more clearly.  Sometimes taking the short cut means cutting yourself short. Life’s journey is a marathon not a sprint.


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