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Raise Your Body Frequency With Essential Oils

Body Frequency

It’s no stretch of the imagination that everything has a vibrational frequency. On average, a healthy human body vibrates at 62-72 megahertz (MHz).


But if your body is laden down with a cold or flu, then that virus vibrates at 57-58 MHz. Epstein Barr virus vibrates at 52MHz, Cancer vibrates at 42MHz and the onset of death vibrates at 25MHz.


So everything we put in our body has a frequency too.

Processed food has a frequency of 0 MHz, fresh food vibrates at 15MHz. Fresh herbs vibrate at 20-27MHz.


Our negative thoughts can lower our frequency by as much as 12MHz, and alternatively our positive thoughts can raise our frequency by 10MHz.


Everything we come into contact with affects our frequency. Our bodies will attune to our surroundings. This is why we feel so good in Nature. It’s also why we feel heavy or drained around negative people.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils have a very high frequency. Some say they have the highest frequency of all substances available. And our bodies will attune to them.

Our nose is the fastest way to be affected by these high frequencies as its close to the brain, so smelling essential oils can transform how you feel instantly.

In the diagragm you can see that Frankincense has a frequency of 147 MHz and Rose is one of the highest at 320 MHz.

So essential oils aren’t just lovely smells, they have a direct impact on our wellness. #mind, #body and #soul.


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