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Saging (or Smudging), all you wanted to know.

Saging (or Smudging) is one of our favorite ways to change our own energy and the energy of the space we’re in, and it always leaves us feeling simultaneously rejuvenated and peaceful.

What Is White Sage?

White sage also known as Salvia apiana is an evergreen perennial shrub that grows from 2 to 5 ft and is found mainly in Southern California and North Western Mexico. The Native Americans tribes have different names for this powerful plant called qaashil shlhtaay or pilhtaay (Kumeyaay), kasiile (Tongva), we’wey (Chumash), qas’ily (Cahuilla), shaltai (Paipai), and lhtaay (Cochimí). This plant like many others requires well drained dry soil, small amounts of water with plenty sun. The white sage seed is a common ingredient when the Native tribes make pinole.


Native American Smudging

Smudging Sage is an ancient Native American tradition that has been around for hundreds of years for removing negative energy and bad spirits. This power herb is considered sacred by the Native people who still continue to use it to treat illness, emotional imbalances, spiritual cleanse and stagnated energies that remain stuck in the air. Sage smudging ceremonies are a gathering for those who are seeking stress relief, pure thought and protection. Traditionally sage was smoked with a mix of other plants properties as well from a pipe or used to smudge the areas.

Benefits of Burning Sage

When it comes to smudging yourself dry white sage is an amazing tool that cleanses all the negative energy around you. If you are feeling stuck, in a low state of mind, mentally or spiritually, sage is a great way to lift off the old energies so the new can be created. Constant negative thoughts and being around bad people can damage your aura and naturally effect your path. Once your aura is effected then it could cause a bad events, anger or clumsiness to occur.

Sage acts as a metaphysical device able to remove the bad vibrations away so your path becomes clear. This can also apply to people who put evil eye on you, or people with low vibrations that cling to your aura. It can even work if you spend enough time around energy vampires that leave you tired and angry, then sage is a great way to rid their energies off yours.

Cleansing House

Sage can be used if you move into an new space, house or land to help remove stagnant energies. You can also sage your room after an argument, or if someone enters  your house with bad intentions. Another benefit can be used for aromatherapy, but you might want to open the doors as it smells like marijuana. Ones who suffer from sleep paralysis can use sage around the bed to rid the possible vibration.  Once your energy is being depleted you might encounter bad dreams or nightmares.

Cleansing Objects

Energies can be transferred from person to object. If you receive an object belonging to someone with very negative energy or emotional turbulence’s can cause the same effect on you. If the object holds a negative vibration then it is released once sage touches it.



Art of Smudging Sage

Mystics say the Native American practice of smudging must be respected and handled properly as one connects to the deep roots in Native culture. Being… aware of the Native culture helps strengthen the use of sage burning. Native American medicines must be treated with reverence, so once you’ve acquired the herbs, clear out a space above your waist line in a clean area.Before you begin to burn the sage you must clean your house from head to toe. This means to mop the floors, clean up clutter, wash dishes and clean closets.

You want to open all the windows and doors in the house so the air can peacefully pass though. After the house is clean you want to make sure to use the sage on your entire body to release any bad vibrations stuck to you. Before you light the sage should ask what your purpose is, and to thank it after the cleans if finished. Once lit, you can inhale and exhale a tiny bit as you start cleansing the house.


Using a feather will also enhance the sage cleansing.Make sure once moving around the house keep your mind positive, praying the whole time. This sends messages to the spirits to remove any unwanted energy and opens the doors for the good to enter. Keep the dry sage burning consistently to keep an even flow around room to room. You can also place the sage in a shell, clay bowl or tie it up with string.

Make sure you lit it with a wooden match and blow out the flame gently. A general rule of thumb is to make sure you collect all the ashes that was once used when smudging. The leftover ashes can be used to put in the front of the door so that it protects your house from any negative vibrations to enter.

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