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Benefits of Slow Gentle Yoga

As you may know by now we were offering yoga at the Tree of Life Shoppe pre Covid-19.  And we are looking to place it back on the Calendar of Event at the Shoppe this March 2021.

We are offered classes in Gentle yoga for beginners. This is often also called Slow yoga. There are many benefits to slow gentle yoga and this evening I would like to take the time to discuss what slow Gentle yoga is and how it can benefit you.

Restorative or gentle yoga often involves props such as blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps. These props are used to aid us in getting deeper into the postures.

Here are 5 reasons why people of all ages and all abilities should practice Restorative or Gentle styles of yoga.

Our first focus is on Yoga breathe… breathing through all your chambers: belly, abdomen, and chest. This alone is such a great practice and I wish if all you take from your first class is how to do yoga breathe. Yoga breathing can help reduce #stress and #aniexty. Helps lower blood pressure and gets blood and oxygen to all parts of your body. These are all good benefits to our lives in a busy world that doesn’t stop spinning. It helps you start your #journey of being #mindful. Taking the time to #focus on your breath and let everything else go…


1.) It increases flexibility. Gentle styles of yoga generally hold postures for at least two minutes and often even longer. By holding the postures longer, tight muscles stretch and release slowly, allowing you to get deeper into the pose. We use props to help reduce the risk of straining muscles by rushing into the pose and to aid us in getting more relaxed in the postures.

2.) It boosts the immune system. By calming the mind and body into a deeper sense of #relaxation, Gentle yoga style classes also rejuvenate the body and help boost the immune system. Because the postures are not overly taxing on the body, this style of practice is also beneficial for people who are ill, weak, or recovering from an injury. 

3.) It calms a restless mind. This one benefit can actually be one of the hardest for most people who are used to being active all day long. Restorative or #Gentle yoga is like a form of meditation done in different positions, most of them done seated or lying on the floor. As you hold the poses longer and allow the muscles to relax, you can create a space to calm the mind, focusing only on the #breath—and letting go of the thoughts in your mind. The more you practice this on your mat, the more you can carry it with you off the mat into your daily activities.


4.) It #heals the body. Restorative style yoga practices activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). This is the involuntary part of the nervous system that controls the heart rate, intestinal activity and other bodily functions that we don’t think about. When the PNS is engaged through Restorative types of yoga, the heart rate automatically slows down and the organs of the body are able to regulate themselves better than during our normal busy stress filled lives.

5.) It allows you to reap the full benefits of each pose. In a Vinyasa Flow style class, you quickly move from one pose to the next. The body receives benefits from this faster movement, but #Restorative style #yoga allows those benefits to happen on a deeper level. For example, a Forward Fold can be calming when you hold it for five breaths, so imagine what can happen when you hold it for five minutes. The same can be said for postures that involve a twist because they help to stimulate the internal organs. We normally hold a twist for 30 seconds, so try holding it for longer and see how you feel.

When you plan your week out, you should curve out some yoga time, for your #body, #mind and #soul. Give yourself some #selfcare #selflove


~ The mother

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