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12 Steps to Deep Inner Healing -Second Edition

12 Steps to Deep Inner Healing -Second Edition

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Healing is the result of allowing errors to be undone. Since we are all perfect creations in our true form, our perception of our existence here is simply an error in how we have accepted ourselves. So if we were to open our mind and spirit to see ourselves for who we really are, healing would take place.These teachings are designed to trigger your ability to open your mind and spirit to reveal a clearer perception of yourself, and open you for inner healing and improved connection to spirit.Just 20 minutes a day for two weeks will begin a journey that can and will transform your life. You will eventually do this some day. Why not now?To help you work into this gradually and most effectively, this course is broken into 12 daily sessions. Each session digs deeper into providing methods and ideas that will help you gain a greater capacity to free yourself of many of your current limitations of mind, and will lead you on a path to daily discovery, growth and inner healing. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson and gradually teaches you and guides you towards a place where you open more and allow more, with a potential result of you allowing yourself to be a channel for healing.Most lessons take less than 20 minutes to read, however, extra time during and after the lesson will be necessary to carry out any suggested exercises. The general format for each lesson includes the following information:- Lesson material for the specific topic of the day- A task for the day to place the new ideas into action- A helpful quote for gaining further insight- Occasional links to helpful items. Once complete, you can use these sessions in whole or in part as a template for how you interact with spirit for the rest of your life, or until a clearer direction or perception presents itself. Nothing is changeless, so even what I teach here is simply what I know is best at this time, so this is a wonderful place for you to start and evolve into what works best for you.

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