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Ammonite with Drilled Hole for Pendant

Ammonite with Drilled Hole for Pendant

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Ammonites are found in Late Cretaceous Period marine rock, which dates back to around 66-100 million years ago and they are related to the Squid and Octopus.


Because of their literal connection to the past, fossils support longevity, memory, and past-life recall. They are also used to contact spirit guides, honor ancestors, or connect to ancient sources of knowledge. Ammonites only lived in the last chamber of their shell. The air-filled rooms of its past allowed it to float freely, but it only lived in its present hollow.


We can use Ammonites to regain perspective on the present, to integrate information about the past or potential future, or reorient after altered states of consciousness like shamanic journeying.

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