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Angelica Root - Herb

Angelica Root - Herb

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Angelica Root is often used in rituals to protect the person during times of uncertainty. Sometimes we end up with a guest (evil spirts) who are negative and wants to harm us and we must protect ourselves. Angelica root can be carried to protect one from spells and hexes. Banish bad mojo and protect you. It is said to bring peace and blessings. 

Angelica Root also known as archangelica officinalis, wild celery, root of the Holy Ghost or Angel of Herbs, originating in Europe. Archangel Michael had a dream that angelica was the antidote for the plague. Used as a fixative due to its presence of the fatty acid exaltolide. Magical uses include protection against negative energy, purification, uncrossing, curses, hexes. Promotes healing, temperance, and to bring back a lost love. 1lb root cut with a warm sweet scent with a hint of licorice.

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