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Awakening the Psychic Self

Awakening the Psychic Self

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Through the warm Through the warm and compelling story of a conflicted Christian hiding psychic skills, learn to awaken your special gifts of the spirit. Many devout Christians conceal their psychic abilities or deny the reality of their gifts, due to the immense sense of fear and condemnation engendered by biblical scripture. Especially for Christians, but applicable to all, this sojourn will teach you how to fully bridge the seeming polarity of Christianity and the psychic realm. Broken into two parts, the first will take you along the path of growing up Christian with an upbringing teaching of sinful and punishable acts relating to the seeking out of mediums, psychics, and fortune tellers. The second part is chock-full of practical exercises, meditations, and techniques to develop your psychic abilities and connect to Christian religious aspects in a way that is comfortable. Author: Riddick, Deanna Marie. Number of pages: 176.

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