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Baby / Starter Witch Hidden Book Kit

Baby / Starter Witch Hidden Book Kit

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Baby Witch / Starter Witch Hidden Altar  - Storage Book Box

This is a great gift for the starter or baby witch as it comes with a good bit of supplies.

Kit includes: 

Hidden Altar / Travel Altar - Faux Book Storage Box

2 tea lights, shell & feather, Pentacle charm, and pretty little crystal carrying pouch

3 tiny spell bottles

(empty for you to craft your spell bottles)


Crystals included:   Black Touramline, Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz

Herbs included:  Lavender, Sage,  Mugwort 

Witches' Blessed Salts: Black, White and Pink 

Includes Parchment papers for Book of Shadows on Moon phases and Moon Magic, Candle Magic and More. 

This kit includes FREE shipping in the USA. 

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