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Bee On the go! HIS and HER Moisturizer Travel Tins

Bee On the go! HIS and HER Moisturizer Travel Tins

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Bee Rugged is an all-natural, intense moisturizer that is perfect for any man’s dry, overworked hands. Our .5 oz travel size fits conveniently in your pocket or travel bag. Best of all, this earthy-smelling product is made with beeswax, cedarwood, frankincense, juniper, and four other essential oils, giving it a rugged, lumberjack smell. Bee Rugged not only battles dry skin but is perfect for combating signs of aging and giving your skin the protection it needs from environmental damage.

 Bee Free is an unscented, intense moisturizer that soothes and restores dry skin. It is perfect for your extra over dry hands, feet & elbows especially if you are sensitive or allergic to essential oils. This unscented salve works well for breastfeeding moms as well. Sister Bees Bee Free is made with beeswax which is naturally antibacterial and helps to create a natural barrier inhibiting the growth of bacteria!

Made in United States of America

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