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Boilo in a bag by Coal Country Boilo

Boilo in a bag by Coal Country Boilo

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From the heart of the anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania, Boilo is the unofficial official drink of coal region holidays. Brewed from a special blend of heart warming aromatic spices, fruits and juices and served warm with a touch of whiskey, boilo is a staple of Pennsylvania holidays.

From long held secret family recipes to local boilo competitions the drink is taken quite seriously by some but I've come to share this joy with you so that the tradition of boilo may spread and be enjoyed by all, all over the world.

Each bag of boilo comes carefully packaged and wrapped in an organza bag which is perfect for gifting throughout the holidays. Bags contains all you need for your boilo beverage base. The rest is up to you!

You receive:
☆ 3 bags of boilo spices, enough for 3 batches.
☆ 3 steeping bags to keep your spices together
☆ 1 insert containing further history of boilo
☆ 5 starter recipes to choose from to make your own perfect batch of boilo
☆ Link to further recipes for download

Fill your home with the scent of the holidays this season!

*please contact Coal Country Boilo on Facebook or Etsy with questions regarding ingredients for allergies.


Benefits of one of the ingredients, cinnamon alone.

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