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Classic Tarot Cards With Meaning On Cards

Classic Tarot Cards With Meaning On Cards

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Can't remember the meaning of tarot cards?

This deck is wonderful for newbies who have a hard time remembering all the cards' meanings. You don't have to remember anything and read tarot easily with our Keyword cards

You don't have to flip through manuals many times just for a simple explanation or be dazzled by various interpretations. With this learning tarot deck, You can quickly get the information you need on the front of the card.

Tarot deck with keywords-On the front of the tarot card is the upright and reversed card meaning, the corresponding Tarot elements and representative zodiac signs and planet, yes or no, numerology, etc. This information can help you deepen your understanding of tarot art; It can also deepen your understanding of yourself.

The color of the card is dark, and there is a dark yellow antique design around it.You can feel the energy of the card, which is calm and old. With this card, you can experience the beauty of tarot art immersively.

Thick Cardstock & Easy Shuffle: We use durable 400 GSM paper, toughness and hardness compatible, long-term use. Meanwhile, shuffling will be smooth.

Tarot cards are flexible and personalized. While our cards can be a super useful learning tool for beginners, we still hope that you will explore more possibilities after learning Tarot. You can make a personalized interpretation of the cards according to your own understanding, so as to feel the charm of the tarot more deeply.

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