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Cosmic Allies Altar Art Deck & Book

Cosmic Allies Altar Art Deck & Book

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A Magical Journey through the 7 Planetary Energies ~ Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. The Cosmic Allies are archetypes that exist within us all. ☾ Create sacred space in your home with these powerful talismans ☾ Work with the Cosmic Allies for intuitive guidance, co-creation and manifestation ☾ Cultivate a playful and fun daily experience of ritual and magic


8 Cosmic Allies Altar Art Cards

Over-Sized (2.5 bigger than a standard tarot card) 5” x 6.25”

Double-Thick Matte Card Stock making them RIGID for EASY DISPLAY

Holographic edges

4-Page Guidebook brimming with creative suggestions for working with the Cosmic Allies 

Holographic Keepsake Box for storing the cards and book

Made in China

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