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JET - Lag / Detox Herbal Tea - Caffeine Free

JET - Lag / Detox Herbal Tea - Caffeine Free

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Our Detox tea is designed to help clear the body of toxins, pathogens, and free radicals. It is recommended to flush out the system weekly or at least monthly or as needed depending on what you do for a living and the environment you reside in. Some of us ingest and breath in these toxins more then others. Even contact of skin to surfaces we are absorbing these bad things in to our bodies. Our hands especially. Between air pollution in the big cities and the hazardous chemicals in our factories, offices that are being cleaned regularly with harsh chemicals theres no escaping it. It has become the norm of the world. Don't despair though, You can clear the body with the gifts of the earth. The herbs in our Detox tea help to clear the body of all these toxins, pathogens and free radicals and will leave you feeling better, boost your immunity so you can naturally fight off illness like a super being! Witchy Pooh's Detox tea will help with weight management, improve liver and gallbladder function. purification of your blood, boost energy levels, clear brain fog and have you glowing. 

Start Detoxing regularly with Witchy Pooh's Detox Tea that is designed to be safe to use consistently with out hurting the GI tract. And bring out a new youthful you!

Ingredients: Organic burdock root, dandelion root, peppermint leaf, red clover blossom, licorice root, yellowdock root, ginger root. 

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