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Divine Tea Time Inspiration Cards

Divine Tea Time Inspiration Cards

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Divine Tea Time Inspiration Cards Rituals and Blends to Soothe Your Soul 40 Full-Color Cards, 16-Page Booklet, and Wooden Stand by Tracy Loughlin This series of stunning, watercolor cards are designed to provide a gentle and profound experience of tea making while also offering accompanying affirmations to help further enrich your life. It is broken down into 4 chapters - herb, flower, fruit, spice - each including 10 different tea recipes and a beautiful card opener for each section. The front of each card has a unique tea illustration and the back includes a simple recipe with a corresponding aspiration. The simple recipes are an excellent starting point for home tea-brewers, and the charming pamphlet works to immerse experienced home tea-brewers with further insight. This beautiful card deck makes a perfect gift or a treat for any tea lover.

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