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Espiritu - Intention Oils, Anointing Oils - 4 Dram

Espiritu - Intention Oils, Anointing Oils - 4 Dram

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Economical purpose oils that have stood the test of time. Many of our customers simply demand these old formulations; at this price you can't go wrong in trying a few of these long-standing oils. 4 dram square bottles. For external use only. Variations listed below.


To aid in all matters of the personal power. Especially its control over others. 

Come to Me:

To aid in matter of attraction.


To control a wayward lover.

Guardian Angel:

Use this Guardian Angel oil in your rituals or practices to ensure you are protected throughout your day. May be used to anoint self or sacred items.


Irresistible Oil is believed to make the wearer very attractive and irresistible to the opposite sex.


Empowered to aid you in winning the one you love, this powerful oil is intended to be used in rituals or by itself in attracting the one you desire, and holding them to you like a magnet on iron.

Black Cat:

This oil captures the qualities of the black cat, making it a potent aid in your spells and rituals where you are seeking good fortune. Use it alone or in your spells and rituals to help overcome financial difficulties and generally bring happiness and prosperity into your life.

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