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Everyday Magick for Children of Earth

Everyday Magick for Children of Earth

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Everyday Magick for Children of Earth-based Spiritual Families. Enjoy this exciting activity book grounded on fundamental principles for families to enrich their children’s understanding of earth-based spiritual living. Within its pages, you will find a delightful hodgepodge of poems, with fun corresponding activities, interactive questions, and thoughtful challenges that are relevant to being open-minded and aware of all the earth’s treasures for life. It takes deep issues and makes them simple to understand and practice. Everyday MAGICK is meant to be a family activity book to be read together. The colorful materials are there to help encourage your earth-based child to ask questions, carry out activities, and create magick on their own. Magick is the spiritual side to all that is around us… and we all have the ability to make every day Magickal! Author: Storm, Rayne. Number of pages: 64.
Made in United States of America

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