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Flower Agate Tumbled

Flower Agate Tumbled

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Flower Agate is a new crystal that was first mined in 2018 in Madagascar, a region that produces some of the most beautiful crystals in the world. Today, Madagascar is still the only place on earth where Flower Agate can be found. 

Flower Agate is a magical crystal, with eye-catching colors. This fascinating gemstone is predominantly light pink with white Chalcedony plumes. These 3-dimensional plumes cross sections to create flower-like patterns, which is where the crystal gets its name. 

If you look at the patterns on this stone, you’ll notice that some plumes look like seeds and others like blossomed flowers. They represent the journey to reaching your goals. They remind you that you start out as a seed and blossom as you grow. This means Flower Agate is essentially a stone of manifestation and self-growth. 

Average weight 6 ozs

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