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Garnierite ( Green Moonstone ) and Smokey Quartz Veins Sphere with stand

Garnierite ( Green Moonstone ) and Smokey Quartz Veins Sphere with stand

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The metaphysical properties of Garnierite are all about love, whether it is spiritually loving yourself or someone else. Garnierite Sphere Garnierite is a stone that allows you to find out about self- love and what it means to be able to encourage the best of your inner being.

Generally, Garnierite takes on a vibrant green color. The exact hue can range from soft pistachio green to deeper mint green. Some cuts may also include distinct veining of gray or light brown. Whatever color it is, there’s no denying Garnierites beauty.

Garnierite, commonly referred to as Green Moonstone, is a variety of Serpentine with a high Nickel content. This chemical element gives Garnierite that distinguishable green color. However, heavy levels of Nickel are capable of creating an olive to dark green hue as well. Officially, this crystal has no definitive chemical composition that can be agreed upon within the mineral community.

The only historical records we have of Garnierite come after its discovery in 1867. Found in New Caledonia, the earliest records of this stone come from Jules Garnier. Garnier was a French geologist who published his findings as a discovery of nickel in the area. Not even a decade later, the stone would adopt his name!

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