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Hand Crafted Natural Besom with Wooden Handle 36 inches

Hand Crafted Natural Besom with Wooden Handle 36 inches

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Broom making is a craft that dates back to ancient times. People would tie grass and twigs onto a stick, or just use a tree branch as a primitive broom to keep their surroundings tidy. Before the "Shakers" developed the broom press, all brooms were fashioned round like this one. We use the same techniques that were developed over 200 years ago to craft these brooms for your hearth and home.
This small broom or besom is also great for sweeping spaces with low overhead space like in your tent or attic. We make each broom by hand using traditional techniques and primitive broom making equipment. We use high-quality natural broom corn fiber to craft each brush. Each handle is made from a hardwood that we harvest in the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest. After we have harvested all the right broomsticks, These handles are kiln-dry to preserve the natural wood exterior. With proper care, these brooms will last many, many years.

• Color: Natural
• Materials: High-Quality broom corn, Twine, Broom Wire,
Locally Harvested Hardwoods
• Dimensions: Height 36" Brush Width 6"
• A loop on handle for hanging and storage

Witch Broom - Black - Witches Costume, Halloween Decor, Cosplay, Magic, Renaissance, Medieval, Larp, Decor, Rustic, Vintage, Hand Crafted

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