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Mint Chocolate Mocha Herbal Tea

Mint Chocolate Mocha Herbal Tea

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If your favorite Girl scout cookie was the Thin Mint, then you will love this tea! No more being sad when your stock of Thin Mints in the freezer runs out, cause now you can still enjoy the great flavor combination of rich chocolate and peppermint together in your mug every day! With out having to feel guilty about all that sugar and carbs. Mint Chocolate Mocha is also a great way to start the day with its combination of energizing herbs. No caffeine jitters or mid day crashes. Heathy, all-natural energy boosting tea that taste like desert. 

Mint Chocolate Mocha Herbal Loose Leaf Tea is a rich and decadent blend of yerba mate, peppermint leaf, roasted cacao nibs, roasted carob, roasted cacao powder, and vanilla flavoring. It has a sweet and creamy chocolate flavor with a hint of mint. The yerba mate adds a slightly earthy flavor and a boost of energy, while the peppermint leaf adds a refreshing coolness. The roasted cacao nibs, roasted carob, and roasted cacao powder add a deep and rich chocolate flavor. The vanilla flavoring brings out the natural sweetness of the tea and adds a touch of luxury.

This tea is not only delicious, but it also has a number of health benefits. Yerba mate is a good source of antioxidants and caffeine. It is also known to improve energy levels, cognitive function, and physical performance. Peppermint leaf is known for its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help to relieve nausea and headaches. Cacao nibs and cacao powder are good sources of antioxidants, fiber, and minerals. They have also been shown to improve heart health, reduce inflammation, and boost mood. Vanilla flavoring has been shown to have calming and relaxing properties.

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