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My Seven Chakra Divination Set (Box Set)

My Seven Chakra Divination Set (Box Set)

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Balance your chakras and find guidance to important questions in your life with this complete divination kit that includes seven tumbled stones, a muslin bag, and rainbow chakra crystal pendulum. These chakra stones will help you tap into the power of your chakras and balance them during your divination session. Kit includes the following stones with their associated chakra benefits: red jasper (root chakra/patience and stability), carnelian (sacral chakra/healing and empowerment), citrine (solar plexus chakra/energy and individuality), aventurine (heart chakra/optimism and luck), sodalite (throat chakra/calm and relaxation), amethyst (third eye chakra/protection and connection) and lapis (crown chakra/awareness and courage). Try placing the included stones in a circle with the pendulum dangling above. Check to see which stone is suited for you that day, which ones need to be cleansed and more by asking the pendulum questions like ‘Which stone should be cleansed?’ or ‘What stone do I need for today?’). Whichever way the pendulum swings is your answer! Wanna use the crystals and pendulums separately? The crystals are the perfect size to use on one of our crystal grids! Keep your stuff on-the-go with or tucked away in a safe place in your sanctuary with the included drawstring muslin bag with a front print of the sacred geometric symbol Flower of Life. Awakening + Spiritual Growth

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