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Optical Calcite - Freeform

Optical Calcite - Freeform

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Optical Calcite also referred to as Iceland Spar Calcite carries the same energy of amplification, purification, grounding and revitalization as Clear Calcite but is strongly associated with the clearing, opening and activation of the Third Eye Chakra. It expands spiritual and dimensional vision, deepens intuition and perceptions and brings clarity and order to thinking.

Optical Calcite awakens consciousness to the limiting beliefs and fears we hold and the areas of life where forgiveness is needed in order to establish harmony, peace and joy. It calls forth vital energy, increasing the flow of chi and dispels negative energies, force and blocks from body, energy bodies or environment. Optical Calcite helps us to see the bigger picture, the meaning and motivation behind the words, actions or behaviors of self and others and teaches us patience, acceptance and tolerance.

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