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Palo Santo / Holy Wood Sticks - Singles

Palo Santo / Holy Wood Sticks - Singles

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Palo Santo stick - Creates a pleasant woody aroma when used. I have taken the time to find a supplier that harvests these sticks in a sustainable way, as due to over harvesting the numbers of trees are sadly in decline. A special license needs to be obtained to harvest these correctly as the the area in which they grow is classed as protected.

There are imitations ( pine soaked in Palo Santo scent) which burn differently and there are those who sell this beautiful wood without following the guidelines to preserve the trees numbers.

Please note some of the larger sticks have a wider girth. So you can choose to split them or burn them as they come.


for cleansing the home and work space. Also good in aiding any healing work. Palo Santo can be used in the same way as sage, to clear negative energy from spaces yourself.

Directions for use: Light one end of the Palo Santo stick, wait a few seconds then blow out any flames. The stick will then produce smoke which you use to cleanse yourself and your environment. Traditionally one works clockwise however if using to remove hexes, curses or ill intent I have found it helpful to go counterclockwise. For a particularly challenging cleanse you can support your cleansing by stating a simple command such as ‘negative energy you are not needed here, leave’. Ensure windows are open so the smoke can carry the negative energy out with it.

* Please use a heat proof bowl or shell underneath the stick whilst in use, to catch any ash.

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