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Pink Apophyllite - Speciman

Pink Apophyllite - Speciman

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These are beautiful pink apophyllite clusters, sparkling crystals of light that literally infuse your space with the lightness of pure being. Pink is the rarest color of apophyllite, incredibly difficult to source – and no one else has it. Even with my worldwide gemstone sources, I was only able to get these few pieces, so when it disappears, it will not return.

If you need a dose of high vibrational and angelic energies, place this piece near you and let it radiate its gentle but powerful energy throughout your space. A stone of both the Crown and Heart Chakra, it roots angelic energy within the heart space to expand awareness and consciousness. What does apophyllite NOT do? It’s the stone of coming into present time, and it lifts the veil of darkness in the world to bring light where it is needed, to whom it is needed, for the highest good of all kind. It activates the Crown Chakra and allows access to other realms, including the fairies! It stimulates collective consciousness and helps you see your role in the much larger cycle of life.

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