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Prosperity Ball - Glass & Charmed

Prosperity Ball - Glass & Charmed

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Your Prosperity Ball contains natural herbs, spices, crystals, resins and plants.

These items contain properties of protection, happiness, prosperity and assist in cleansing negative energy. 

Your ball can be placed anywhere you’d like in your home for year-round prosperity, happiness and protection.

If you ever feel your ball isn’t working for you anymore or it just needs a boost,

place it outside in a safe place for the night during the full moon to cleanse and recharge it.

Your prosperity Ball is meant to last for many years.  If it should ever break, please do not throw it away. You Ball and its contents comes from earth, sp please bury all of the pieces to return them back to the earth and thank them for keeping you safe, happy, and prosperous.

May your future be happy, prosperous, successful and protected with love and light!

Reiki Infused and Blessed 

Made by Tersa Wilkie of MetaphysicallyHolistic

Each Prosperity Ball comes with card explaining the ball, ingredients, and care.


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