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Pyrite & Hematite “Healer” - Small Galets / Hand Stones

Pyrite & Hematite “Healer” - Small Galets / Hand Stones

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Hematite - Also known as ‘blood stone’ for its reddish-black appearance and brilliant shine, Hematite is an iron oxide crystal found practically everywhere on our planet and even our red neighbor, Mars! As one of our planet’s primary sources of iron, Hematite was pivotal in ushering in the Iron Age of human civilization. 

Hematite comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors - but owing to its high iron and oxygen content, it almost always has a red pigment. Perhaps the reason why the ancient Greeks called it “Haima,” which is old Latin for ‘blood’. 

Pyrite - Like Hematite, Pyrite has a rather interesting nickname - “Fool’s Gold” - although, you’re about to see that there’s nothing foolish about this stone’s healing qualities! Pyrite is called so because of its glimmering, brassy to gold coloring, much like the metal it’s confused for. It needs an oxygen-poor environment and the presence of iron and sulfur to form.

Pyrite got its name, Greek for fire (pyr), because when it’s struck against a rock or metal, it ignites sparks enough to start a fire. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, Pyrite was widely used to ignite firearms. 

Abundance of Hematite and Pyrite

Both Hematite and Pyrite are found abundantly on the surface of Earth. As a common ore of iron, Hematite used to be sourced from all over the world. Now, it is mined from large deposits in China, Brazil, Australia, India, Russia, Venezuela, and the U.S. The glittering cuboid crystals of Pyrite are mainly mined from Namibia, Peru, Spain, Mexico, and Canada.

The two stones have been used for ages for their healing and protective qualities.

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