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Rose Thorn Rosary

Rose Thorn Rosary

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A rosary-style beaded chain necklace channeling the subversive energy of the goth subculture. Each chain is hand made with over 50 beads using stainless steel wire. This chain features a sword pendant with filigree connector and a small acrylic rose. The accent beads in deep red and green shades evoke the colors of roses. This chain is perfect for anyone sporting a Gothic aesthetic, those enamored with romantic themes, as prayer beads for Pagan practitioners or any other application you wish. The chain can be layered with shorter necklaces or worn on its own as a statement.
Made in United States

JunkyardBat is a small jewelry making operation based in Jacksonville FL. Established in 2018 as a hobby pursuit, the shop transitioned to a full time operation in August 2020. All of our items are handmade from durable, curated materials. Our primary mission is to provide durable, accessibly priced jewelry pieces to the goth community and other alternative subcultures at large. When planning new products, I try to consider various aspects of community interests including spirituality, nature, curiosities, macabre imagery, the occult and gothic art. There are nods to the Victorian era and historically inspired sensibilities as well. 

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