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Sacred Earth Offering Tin

Sacred Earth Offering Tin

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Our very own sacred earth offering kit, this kit includes the very highest vibrational offerings that are biodegradable and natural to the earth. A big key in manifestation is giving back and gratitude. This sacred offering kit is the perfect way to say thank you to the spirit and the earth for anything you are grateful for.  This tin includes:

  • Ceremonial tobacco-one of the highest vibrational offerings you can leave for Mother Earth.  It is held in high regard in the Native American community as a very sacred plant and to be used wisely 
  • Star Anise- with its look of a 5 pointed star this herb is a great connection to spirit. 

  • Lavender- for peace. 

  • Quartz-  is to magnify and enhance the other offerings. 


You may also add to your kit to create a personal connection 

  • flower petals from your garden
  • your hair clippings or nail clippings 
  • your breath

How to use:

Use a pinch or a whole star to leave as an offering / thank you for something that you are grateful for or just for admiration of nature and Mother Earth.  

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