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Seeing God...Perhaps For The First Time By David Nelmes

Seeing God...Perhaps For The First Time By David Nelmes

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This book is a collection of articles that may help you in Seeing God more clearly. I believe God is a God of love, and my writings express the thought that God is a God of love and that He does not teach through fear or use fear in any way.

During the past ten years I have written articles when I felt inspired or motivated to share a new perception I had experienced. I was seeing God differently; I was seeing this world differently, and I wrote these articles to see if what I was learning could be helpful to others in the world.

To better distribute these articles, I formed a web site called "Being Willing" ( ) and published these articles there (Now also at Deep Healing Light - The articles I have placed within this book are the same articles that are freely available online, however, this book compiles all the articles into one place and also includes a commentary for each article where I provide more insight or clearer perception about the article or about the circumstances that inspired the article.

The pursuit of truth never ends, and what appears to be a vital truth today, may just be a breadcrumb to an even clearer perceived truth. With this in mind, I am saying that you should never set anything so solidly as being true because when you do this, you may purposely oppose or run from other breadcrumbs that can be very helpful, simply because they do not appear to line up with your current concept of truth.

Over the 10 years where I wrote these article, many of my perceptions and motivations have cleared or improved, reversing or scaling back the importance of some aspects of the articles as compared to when I originally wrote them. This is wonderful since this clearly illustrates growth towards openness rather than steadfast retaining of assumed truths. In my commentaries, where this shift has occurred, I help explain the shift and provide insight to see what brought upon the change.

Read through these articles and meditate on the new ideas and concepts that appear to ring true for you. Open your mind to the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and lead you to that article or that sentence that will be the breadcrumb you have been looking for to help you shift forward more easily along your path.

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