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Seven Chakra - Altar Starter Kit

Seven Chakra - Altar Starter Kit

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This kit comes with everything you need to create your very own high-vibing altar! Lay down the altar cloth first, then use the wooden crystal grid or muslin bag to hold your stones. The abalone shell gives off a gentle vibration and can be used in cleansing practices or displayed as a decorative piece. The raw quartz wands cleanse and purify, dispelling negativity and promoting focus, while the pyramid generator filters and balances energies in a room.

Dimensions: Altar Cloth 18” L, 18” H; Wooden Crystal Grid 3.75” D; Quartz Wand .15” L, 1.5” H; Pyramid Generator 1.5” L, 1.5” H; Abalone Shell 5.15” L, 4” H; Velvet Muslin Bag 3” L, 4.15” H; Crystals .65” L, 1” H (Approx.)

Set includes an altar cloth, wooden crystal grid, quartz wands, pyramid generator, abalone shell, velvet muslin bag, amethyst stone, citrine stone, aventurine stone, sodalite stone, tiger’s eye stone, clear quartz stone, and a jasper stone.

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