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Seven Minerals, Magnesium Oil Spray, 4oz and 8oz

Seven Minerals, Magnesium Oil Spray, 4oz and 8oz

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Convenient Topical Magnesium

Topical magnesium is a convenient, optimal way to attain all the benefits of magnesium. Skin is the most efficient organ and holds tremendous potential for re-mineralizing the body. More Energy & Balance, helps with musle cramps, restless legs.

Ancient Minerals oil is a concentrated magnesium chloride oil spray, the original magnesium oil, trusted by professionals since 2007, contains only the purest ingredients in a convenient topical spray

This convenient form of magnesium is effective for stress relief and relaxation, it restores the body while it nourishes and encourages healthy skin

Topical magnesium is efficiently absorbed by the skin and can be applied directly to areas where needed most

Superior concentration and quality when compared to other brands. Water soluble and can be diluted if necessary. Fragrance-free, parabens-free, no phenoxyethanol

Apply desired amount to targeted areas for relief and support. Just six sprays delivers 100mg of elemental magnesium chloride


Magnesium is a necessary nutrient for:


Radiant skin

Relaxed body & mind

Post workout support.


Tips for First-time Use

Apply to clean skin. Avoid sensitive areas and mucus membranes. We recommend applying liberally to larger areas of skin such as your torso, legs, and arms, to help maximize absorption.

It is normal to experience slight itching or stinging during initial use. This should subside during the absorption process.

The magnesium oil is water-soluble and can be diluted with pure water to form a lower concentration for a lighter application. We recommend starting with a 1:1 ratio but the solution can be diluted even further.

Some users experience more sensitivity—in this case we recommend you try a gentler application form like the NEW Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Sensitive and Sensitive Plus.

Leave the magnesium oil on for at least 20 minutes. After this time, you can rinse or wipe off the product if you prefer.

No rinsing is necessary unless your skin feels uncomfortable due to any natural salt residue.

Ingredients:Water, Genuine Zechstein magnesium chloride (and trace minerals)

Ingredients :

Water, Genuine Zechstein magnesium chloride (and trace minerals)

Legal Disclaimer:

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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