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Medium Altar Bessom - Moon and Succulents by Emma Red Raven

Medium Altar Bessom - Moon and Succulents by Emma Red Raven

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Looking to add or change up your altar space?  This hand made, one of a kind small bessoms.  Made by Emma Red Raven on our shoppe.  

#Besoms , also known as witches' brooms, are traditional tools used for sweeping and cleansing. They have a long history and have been associated with various rituals and practices, particularly in the realm of witchcraft and magick.

The word "besom" is derived from the Old English "besma," which means broom. Besoms were originally made from birch twigs, which were bound together with willow or hazel branches to form a handle. These natural materials were chosen for their durability and ability to sweep away dirt and debris.


Besoms have been used for centuries as tools for cleaning and purifying spaces. In ancient times, they were used to sweep away negative energy and protect homes from evil spirits. They were also used in rituals to purify and consecrate sacred spaces.

In many cultures, besoms were believed to have magical properties and were used as a tool for divination and communication with spirits. They were also often used in wedding ceremonies, where the bride and groom would jump over the besom as a symbol of their commitment to each other and their new home.

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