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Soapstone Eggs

Soapstone Eggs

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Heavy decorative 6cm eggs (set of 5), hand-carved into the egg shape from raw soapstone. It would be beautiful on a desk, bookshelf or table. The stone eggs are about the size of a standard chicken egg or slightly smaller. Note: These fabulous stone eggs do not come with the wheat straw and basket, they are sitting in for display. Since they are handmade, no two eggs look exactly alike.

EXCELLENT DECOR - The stone eggs are smooth polished. Each is crafted by individual artists which add to the uniqueness of the stone egg. KENYA

SOAPSTONE EGGS - These intricate patterns and designs reflect the diversity of life in Kenya. Add to your African Decor collection. THE SOAPSTONE HAS

BEEN USED FOR CENTURIES - It is said to be a representation of "the purity and innocence of an exotic continent".

PERFECT SMALL GIFT OR KEEPSAKE - Beautiful hand-carved soapstone eggs for a wonderful display, both alone or as an entire collection.
Made in Kenya

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