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Spiritual Oils / Anointing Oils 1/2 oz

Spiritual Oils / Anointing Oils 1/2 oz

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Spiritual Oils / Anointing Oils - Hand Crafted

Fast Luck - Alleged to bring luck in a hurry in matters of love, money and business

Fire of Love - To draw love into your life, attract a lover, maintain love within existing relationships

Easy Life - To gain favor of chance, moving with the flow instead of bucking the current. Road openings. Draws Opportunities.

Road Opener - Road Opener oil may be used to help manifest new opportunities into your life. 

Crown of Success - Many people use this for financial, school, or career success as well as gaining favor in outcomes.

Reversing - Reverses crossed conditions placed upon you, or reversing works you've directed towards others.

Protection - To protect from harm, ill wishes, and spiritual intrusion.

Money Drawing - To draw abundance and money in games of chance and business matters



Base Oil is Refined White Mineral Oil & Vitamin E



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