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Tarot and the Chakras

Tarot and the Chakras

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Using the Tarot, fused with the Chakra system, facilitate healing and promote change in your life. Discover how to use the Tarot and the Chakras to support holistic views and to alter energy systems, thereby affecting patterns presented to you in the cards. This comprehensive guide takes the Whole into account by including meditations, exercises, bodywork techniques, home remedies, dietary recommendations, and the use of crystals. All of these help balance energy and facilitate change of the physical, mental, and spiritual body. Learn about the energy behind the Tarot and how it interconnects with the Chakras. Use the advice, card attributes, and stories in this book to see important patterns and then set into motion your informed, inspired choices, so that you can live your life more fully. Author: Jacobs, Miriam. Number of pages: 208.

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